BBC News App Bewertungen

Great app

Must have app



Gut aber ein bisschen unübersichtlich

Die Themen sind ein bisschen unübersichtlich sortiert finde ich aber ansonsten ist die App gut

Gute und übersichtliche App

Finde die Anordnung der Themen und News gut

Absolut empfehlenswert!

Im Gegensatz zu deutschen Medien ist die BBC in Ihrer Berichterstattung wesentlich fundierter und profilierter!Die App an sich ist etwas unübersichtlich und damit gewöhnungsbedürftig!Hier stimmen Inhalt und Form nicht überein!

Gute App

Großes Themenangebot, dadurch aber auch etwas unübersichtlich. Angenehme Alternative zu deutschen Medien

Sehr umfassende Berichte...

....aus aller Welt.

Ein Fenster in das Commonwealth

Die Sicht der Dinge aus britischem Blickwinkel. Sehr interessant und professionell!


Diese Nachrichten sind ausgezeichnet und die App selbst ist sehr gut aufgebaut und sehr hilfreich.

Sehr gute App

Sehr gut gemachte App - insbesondere die integrierte Englisch- Englisch Dictionary Funktion ist sehr hilfreich.

Internationale Perspektive

Sehr gute Nachrichten App mit interessanten Stories und viel Hintergrundinformation. Einziger kleiner Nachteil ist, dass aus den Überschriften der Inhalt manchmal nicht zu erkennen ist.

Vielschichtig informativ

Großartiger Überblick zum Weltgeschehen. Weitere Informationsquellen werden nahezu überflüssig. Kunst und Kultur kommen etwas zu kurz.

Informativ, zuverlässig, nüchtern

Gute Information mit hoher journalistischer Qualität.

Gute News App

Informativ und einfach zu bedienen. Nicht zu viele push-Nachrichten. Gute Funktion zum live hören der BBC-News oder zum lesen der aktuellen Nachrichten

Sehr informativ

Sehr informative und praktische App. Gut gefällt mir auch die Möglichkeit, Spezialgebiete als Favoriten anzulegen. Da in deutschen Medien einige Inhalte (z.B. Berichte aus Afrika) sehr kurz weg kommen und wenn, dann sehr einseitig dargestellt sind, ist BBC für mich eine gute Ergänzung für die Weltsicht. Und mit dieser App auch super einfach im Zugriff. Sehr empfehlenswert!

Bbc news app

Ist einer guter app, kann aber mehr live sendungen bringen.

Jest git



What we need.



Real News

Here in trumps America we do not believe the press thank god for BBC news

World view

I love to go to BBC first thing in the morning for reliable and balanced news from the world over. Keep up the excellent work! jhr

Different perspective

I appreciate BBC’s perspective on US and world news. In my opinion, the format’s tabs at the top of the page offer a pleasant reading experience compared to other news channels. However, the ads are annoying, as are the “error” messages which act as censors to some articles. I prefer the double starts to the ads.

Fair and hopefully truthful

I decided to turn to BBC because USA journalism has become so sensationalized. Please don’t go in that direction!

Love it!

BBC News app covers a very broad area of news events, appealing to my many different interests.

News Source

My favorite news source app!


US reader. I enjoy

Simply superior

BBC’ World News is the most far reaching and balanced in its coverage of global events and developments of all current on-line or print publications. Simply the best for the inquisitive mind.

The best

Watch Vtptv and on iPhone. Need BBC to keep informed


Love it, time tested and still exceptional

Very very biased

It is incredible that the BBC is so biased! So left wing politically correct. Sad and very unprofessional.

Great for lovers of tiny fonts!

Lovely tiny font, it's got. Which cannot be changed within the App itself. Nope, you gotta go to System Settings on your device and do it there. Which means of course that EVERYTHING will then present in large font which is not what I want to do AT ALL. And those intrusive ads that suddenly appear right in the middle of paragraphs as you're reading or scrolling, OMG, how annoying is that. Which is why when I want to catch the beeb nowadays, I typically use Safari instead - what with its zoom options, and ad-blockers, why even bother with the irksome app!

Real news

Professional, interesting, good photos, comprise the whole world. I love it!!!

News that covers the world

BBC news is the only really comprehensive news of the world. So many countries, politics and people who aren’t covered anywhere else.

Good international coverage

I find it a valuable source of international news and events, plus adequate coverage of US news. It has fairly good coverage of social, cultural and sports news. There are good links with each news item to get related and/or relevant news stories from the past few months or years. The videos are sometimes a little slow to load or enlarge, but they are nonetheless a definite plus. I have used the app mostly on my Android phone and it works well. I’m using it recently on my iPad and it seems to work well, though I haven’t used it sufficiently on the iPad to give a definite opinion.

Like the reports

Hate the San serif font. Very hard to read.


I look for sources that are not so prejudiced and owned by those affiliated with U. S. politicians. This is one such.

was a great news app

but now its all stale commentary and opinion pieces. Not sure whats happened to the actual news but apparently you can’t view it

Fanatic news service

Great informative articles without all of the ads! Thank you from a grateful American

Autistic friendly

For anyone that needs general news this is a great source it’s so Autistic friendly


I absolutely love this app. It keeps me up to date with out opinionated articles. Love it!

Minneapolis and appreciative

Currently there are way too many filters in the US media and somehow BBC has the punch. Insight and the courage to tackle and bring forward stories by reporters unintimidated and risking themselves for truth and insight. Thank you

Love it

BBC is great. The app never quits in mid reading. Wish I could say the same about CNN. So frustrating.


A fine balance of news and sports.I look forward to my Daly news reports.

Thank you

Thank you.

Not good service

Can’t send email to bbc

BBC is the best.

Mostly objective, and opinionated only when requested. Video footage is excellent, on the spot, close-up viewing, and actual. For my money, BBC is the best, the most trusted source of news.

Africa news

Would have rated it 5 star only if I can read Africa news on the app, not on mobile web like it is now.

The reporting slants to unbalanced left

The grammar etc is okay but the reporting slants left by giving credence to those on the left and using tones of skepticism for those who simply want what is right/true.

I love it

I love it but nothing is perfect. Content is great and it is easy to navigate. Five stars would have been apt but heck nothing is perfect so I give it a four stars. Keep up the good work


Much less one-sided than US media when covering US politics! Plus a wide variety of other items and issues of interest from around the world. I have given up on lamestream American media!

True and Accurate....Timely and Important

The best way to describe BBC....virtually the only remaining reliable source for news

Great site

Great site for world news and good stories and commentary. Helps me round out my news gathering efforts.

Balanced News

This is where I get my news. There are reporters everywhere. I think they are closest to the truth. They cover the globe so you stay informed.

News I can count on every day

This is my go-to news source every day. I often check it several times a day. BBC news is fact-checked and highly reliable to that extent. I don't live in the UK but in a country with very biased news reporting so I do count on the BBC for news about my own country. The BBC app is also the rare app that works 99% of the time. That having been said, the BBC has its historical biases, both with regard to the UK domestically and as well as to the areas of the world that the UK previously colonized. It may not be a mouthpiece of the government but it epitomizes the "establishment." So one does have to read news from several sources each day. With regard to the app itself, while I appreciate that it functions reliably, I don't like the limited scope of the news that it presents. It is highly Euro-centric in that there is no depth of coverage of events happening in the non-western world. Major events are reported but they don't stick with it for as long as it is needed. Moving on after one or two days is ignoring what is going on and that's a real disservice to the rest of the world.

Well edited, unbiased reporting; a few bugs

The BBC is my go-to source for world news and the North American stuff is good, too. Articles are well written without spelling errors. I would appreciate more breadth in news. The science and environmental reporting is top notch. A big annoyance is that I can see linked article titles in articles, but can't click on them. I don't like that.

Other perspectives, wider scope

This apt does these two things I was looking for to give context to the repetitive national news cycle. What else is happening in the world, and what are people elsewhere concerned about?

Can’t Open it!

I updated it yesterday, but it doesn’t work anymore!! It says “please check your internet connection and try it again !” My internet connection is good!

Obvious Bias

That’s the last straw. Good bye.

Narrow, poor journalism

I don't get the focus of this app. It's narrow, it repeats itself, its superficial. Given that's what the state of news is today, I guess this app is not for me. I expected better from BBC.

Could be better

What I like about BBC News is the information you get around the world. American news is primarily America centric for the most part. What could be improved are updates. My particular area of interest is Zimbabwe. The news tab is almost never updated. News is 2 and 3 weeks old.

Quit with the soft news push alerts

The app itself is ok. Most of the actual news reporting is decent. But when I keep getting push alerts — keyword being “alert”, as in something people urgently need to know — for ridiculous things like an op-ed on racism in the Serena Williams case, or something about a girl refusing to stand for the nation anthem, I want to uninstall this stupid app.

No videos

Great news app, but I can’t see any videos or photos on my iPhone, iPads, or android devices

Tripe. Cowards. Report or quit.

It is the responsibility of all to contend the placid charged with protecting through real news reporting. Better to be fired and silence and denigrated than power evil Intent beyond your comprehension. If you don’t have that character write the truth and save it, apply elsewhere and keep writing until you can publish in your plume or otherwise. Truth cannot be corrupted without the willing of the media and compliance of “journalist reporters”. The greats published. You, so far, not so much. Report or quit. Anything else Is slow self destruction not a career decision.

Real Time World News

I want world news to be from quality sources. I have very little interest in pop culture. I prefer the news that a well educated person needs.


This a good source for around the world news and for news the Trump cult tries to hide from the average US citizen. One can see the impact of crooked politicians around the world as the planet races to flush the human face into oblivion. This site tells it like it is, and our news sources should take lessons.

Balanced and Well-Written

I am not picky about most things when it comes to getting the news, but I do happen to care about neutrality and quality of writing. For one, BBC is the most neutral source I can find, as it seems like any other article I read has some very clear biases. If anything, it says something about US media, but on a simpler level, it makes BBC a great source for me. Furthermore, I enjoy the manner in which articles are written. Sure I have found a few typos (even in UK standards), but this is not consistent. I also like the different tones in the articles, as some are more formal than others. Overall, it makes the best experience I could have for a news app.

Very unbiased.

And excellent news source that is very unbiased. It amazes me that all these people were claiming that the app is biased tend to also believe everything they hear out of the mouth of a certain president of the United States. Don’t believe them this is a great app.

Top notch

This is by far one of the best news sites. BBC is always ahead on breaking news. Excellent reporting is fair and balanced. Get the BBC World Service app for excellent programming.

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