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Outstanding app ! 1st class informations ressources . Joel Sallent Rennes France

No improvement

The application still bugs for more than 24 hours on the same page: check your internet connection. Flips back to beginning of scroll through before I can read the headlines. BBC, you have a good reputation but a rubbish application. Please do something about it, Im not so keen on Reuters but at least its reliable.


Very good ! Juste what I was expected !

Excellent app

I happilly use it every day

Very good

Very good app, just as I expected it: all the news in one clic !

BBC News

Very good application not too long, not too short. Perfect to know the News of the world in live.

Quick & accurate

Very good App to be among the first informed Good world coverage


Balanced and fair.

Very good!

Excellent app and great interface. My daily source of info!

Brilliant, concise, and covering a wide range of issues

Put simply, I enjoy it !!

Very Good - Well Done !

Most importantly I find the BBC to be more aware of whats happening in the world than the French news. Generally clear and concise, with some articles a little long winded. Fast updates with easy navigation between chosen subjects. Quite a few auto-correct spelling errors creeping in nowadays, which begs the question, do the authors have the time to check what they are writing ? No sport videos show up here in France, probably a licensing issue. Why cant video be auto-switched to landscape with phone rotation ? Why cant text thats just been updated be put in bold - it would save reading through the whole article to see whats new ? Well Done BBC !


Very objective and credible site

Great global coverage

This is a good app. I feel it matches the editorial excellence and global coverage of the BBC. Keep up the good work.


Very good app to stay connected to the world

Chinese version

Why doesnt this iPad version include the Chinese one?

Great source of info

Good app, well designed and good content! My morning source of info

Bbc News

Really well done; very useful for those who live abroad

Good app

Easy to use. It covers important events.

Top News Source

They are one of the most reliable news sources on this planet - despite of the occasional small typo. App works awesome.

It has been bought by Donad Dumb

It has been bought by Donald Dumb, all news about "great " him!

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